Our students are away from School but their learning never stopped. We are committed to ensuring each and every student continues their education in spite challenges posed by the Pandemic.
Here is a glimpse of our efforts….

GyanSagar is a teaching-learning portal developed in-house by The Sagar School ICT team. It is a platform for online classes including theme-based assemblies, Word of the Day feature, activities and conferences for senior classes. The portal supports managing assignments, revision worksheets, assessments, examinations under virtual invigilation, competitions, monitoring schedules and due dates, exam results and performances, feedback on progress and performance and also recording attendance. GyanSagar provides access to NCERT, CBSE, other resource materials including PPTs.

The Sagar School

Sports & Activities – Participation in virtual games, online Competitions through global platforms like Round Square and AFS. Training students in Culinary skills, Co-curricular activities like Art & Craft and Jewellery making. 

Events & Celebrations - National and International days, Birthday celebrations.

Training - Online Staff training and sharpening virtual teaching strategies.

Reaching out to Parents - GyanSagar provides information on each child’s performance and progress, informs parents through notices and circulars. Virtual PTMs are held ensuring one-on-one conversation with students and their parents. This involvement and participation aids the teachers to directly communicate student progress, assess strengths, address needs and offer advice and solutions to continue student advancement.

Virtual Career Counselling - Sessions and fares are organised to keep the senior students informed on higher study options and career paths.

Health and Safety - We comply with all government rules and guidelines. Campus staff and families are in a protected and safe environment following stringent hygiene protocols, mandatory face masks and compulsory social distancing norms. A Covid test report is essential prior to arrival at the campus post leave. Home Quarantine after travel is mandatory. Medical self-declaration and travel declaration reports are a must.

COVID awareness – Students, Parents and Staff are regularly informed on COVID and well-being developments and updates through GyanSagar Portal.

The leadership team is available 24X7 to guide and assist.

The Sagar School

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