Teacher training programmes and related workshops are a regular feature of The Sagar School programme. Orientation Workshops are taken by the Principal at the beginning of each term to share the vision of the School, discuss progress with regard to teaching-learning outcomes and also to widen the teacher’s outlook in a rapidly changing society and School environment.

Teachers regularly attend training workshops conducted by CBSE in order to incorporate latest changes and create greater awareness regarding the school based assessment and CCE scheme and also guidelines for conducting Aptitude tests and Adolescent Education Programmes. Sessions are also held regularly by motivational speakers

Teachers attend international forums to update themselves in their respective areas like The International Award for Young People, Excellence in Education and workshops on Art, Digitalization and training courses in Marketing, English Language Teaching and the likes.

Foreign delegations visit to share views on technology in education, modern teaching practices, studies abroad etc. The heads attend world summits each year in order to partake in the global vision and policies of educational leaders.

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