The newly elected members of The Sagar School Students' Council 2023-24 took oath at the Investiture Ceremony on Monday, May 1. Intense canvassing was followed by digital polling. The Principal declared the results and administered the oath.

The Sagar School Student Council
  • The Sagar School Head Girl
    Keren Puro Head Girl
  • The Sagar School Head Boy
    Akshay Jain Head Boy
  • The Sagar School Captain Academics
    Gopal Agrawal Captain, Academics
  • The Sagar School Sports Captain
    Divyaman Awasthi Sports Captain
  • The Sagar School Cultural Captain
    Litova H. Zhimomi Cultural Captain
  • The Sagar School Captain International Affairs
    Padma Stanzin Captain, International Affairs
  • The Sagar School Captain, IAYP
    Pranshu Khemka Captain, IAYP
  • The Sagar School Diamond House Captain
    Dev Jain Diamond House Captain
  • The Sagar School Emerald House Captain
    Mayank Mishra Emerald House Captain
  • The Sagar School Ruby House Captain
    Krish Agarwal Ruby House Captain
  • The Sagar School Sapphire House Captain
    Akshay Jain Sapphire House Captain

This is a democratic process to give students a voice in school governance in specific areas. Student members learn about teamwork, leadership and above all the democratic process and civic responsibility.

The Sagar School Student council
The Sagar School

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