Transfer Certificate

Instructions for opening the E-Transfer Certificate
  1. Click on the name of the student.
  2. You will be prompted for the password.
  3. The password is the Student’s Mother’s name as it appears in the Transfer Certificate (in capital) and Admission Number.
    For instance:
    If Student’s Mother’s name appears on the Transfer Certificate as MEERA SHARMA with
    Transfer Certificate number as 9436, then the password would be MEERA9436.
  4. Certificate will open in a new window, if new window does not open please disable your popup blocker.


In case you have any queries / clarifications, please call us at 098710 98498 or write in to [email protected]

Left in Class
Date of Leaving
1 Anant Jain XII 27/05/2021
2 Shaurya Watts XI 30/08/2021
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