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Our Founder

Dr. Vidya Sagar
20 December 1925 - 27 February 2011

Our Founder

The Sagar School stands as a beacon of excellence within India's educational landscape. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to academic achievement, the institution consistently ranks among the nation's premier schools. Beyond academics, The Sagar School offers an exceptional platform for artistic expression, with opportunities in arts, music, dance, and drama. Additionally, the school boasts a distinguished reputation in sports, highlighting its holistic approach to education.

Established by the esteemed Dr. Vidya Sagar, a luminary in Corporate and Intellectual Property Law, and operated by the non-profit entity Sagar Shiksha Sansthan, The Sagar School is a co-educational boarding school affiliated with the CBSE board. Guided by a philosophy of nurturing well-rounded individuals, we set high standards for our students, both academically and personally. We instil values of respect, tolerance, kindness, and service, fostering a culture of integrity and empathy.

Central to our educational ethos is our bespoke tutoring system, which prioritises individualised attention, empowering students to pursue independent learning while receiving personalised support and guidance. Throughout this journey, parents are integral partners, kept informed and engaged at every step.

At The Sagar School, we are dedicated to shaping not just students, but future leaders equipped with the skills, values, and character to thrive in an ever-evolving world.