The School encourages and promotes flexibility, adaptability and sensitization to the less privileged and responsibility to contributing towards the society.

IAYP - International Award for Young People - (Formerly Duke of Edinburgh Awards) is one such programme. The Sagar School is the first school in Rajasthan to be accredited as a YES centre (Youth Engaging Society) and in partnership with the National Award Authority, provides training in order to further the Programme. Under this programme, 14 years old and above are enrolled for Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Students actively participate in four aspects of the programme i.e. Service, Skill, Adventure Journey and Physical recreation.

The Sagar School has adopted the Malliyer village as a social outreach programme whereby students visit and tutor the village children and illiterate women and adults.

Health camps, vocational educational programs and handicraft workshops have helped the village women to not only learn but also to be self reliant and self employed.

The Sagar School

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