Admissions Open 2024-25

Pastoral Overview

  • Our Boarding Houses seamlessly blend modern technology with a global perspective, nurturing young boys and girls from tender ages into mature and confident individuals. Infused with the quintessential Sagarian traits of Confidence, Discipline, and Honesty, our students stand out in any crowd.
  • Our air-conditioned hostels, segregated for boys and girls, offer spacious and well-ventilated rooms shared by five students each. With hot water available year-round, comfort is ensured. Under the attentive supervision of House Parents, House Masters/Mistresses, and Assistant House Masters/Mistresses, each hostel accommodates up to 32 students. Students are encouraged to cultivate personal responsibility by making their beds in the morning and maintaining their personal spaces.
  • The hostels are inspected regularly by the Dean of Pastoral Care to ensure that the rooms are well kept. House-keeping and laundry are handled by the contracted staff of Compass.
  • Moreover, our Boarding Houses provide modern comforts and recreational facilities, including indoor games in the Common Room, where leisure time is utilised productively. Students enjoy television in the afternoons and movie screenings on Saturday evenings after dinner, fostering a sense of community and relaxation.