Mr. Ajay Talwar

Astronomy Expert and Amateur Scientist

The Sagar School Observatory with its research level Celestron telescope provides an important resource in teaching and understanding of Astronomy. Astronomy is the most multi-disciplinary course and combines the knowledge gained in many subjects.

Mr. Ajay Talwar, Astronomy Expert and Amateur Scientist conducts weekly classes and workshops for students of grades VI to XII. His lessons offer a glimpse and understanding of the universe, enable witnessing, recording and photographing celestial events round the year.

Mr. Talwar is a member of the Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi, Nehru Planetarium and the most prolific transient sky events photographer in India. Mr. Ajay Talwar took up astrophotography in 1987, since then he has continued photographing the skies passionately.

Mr. Pradeep Narayanan

Founder and Managing Director of Right Track Admizzionz Campuz Pvt Ltd.

The Sagar School recognises the importance of supporting all its students in gaining the most appropriate higher education that would lead them on to future success and has therefore set up a counselling cell being run by Admizzionz Campuz - Winner of the CII Grand Award for the "Most Innovative Startup". Mr. Pradeep Narayanan, its Founder & Managing Director brings with him experience of over three decades in education, corporate training, IT services and BPO.

Mr. Narayanan and his team offer weekly one-to-one and group sessions, workshops covering information sessions in class IX, career and subject choice guidance services for class X students, college admission guidance & support service for students of classes XI and XII.

Ms. Shivanie Kapoor

Chief Mentor and Centre incharge of The Motivation, A learning and Counselling Centre for children and Adolescents

Ms. Shivanie Kapoor, a reputed Counsellor offers individual and confidential sessions to help our students achieve their personal, relational and academic goals in a stress free atmosphere. Ms. Kapoor has over 9 years’ experience as a special Educator and school counsellor and is the Chief Mentor and Centre incharge of The Motivation, A learning and Counselling Centre for children and Adolescents.

She also provides special needs education for students with any type of special needs in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. She provides life skills education and also conducts workshops for our teachers and parents. She is available twice a week at the campus and always at Parent Teacher Meetings.

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